Bank Overdraft

  • Bank Overdraft Loan would serve you to actualise your dreams under right circumstances.
  • This product is offered to current and new clients of Limasol Bankası in Turkish Lira (TL), Pounds (STG), Euro (EUR) and Dollars (USD) currencies as a limited overdraft / cheque account capitalised annually or quarterly, every three months.
  • Capitalisation Selection Opportunity ( Quarterly or Annualy Capitalisation).
  • No Mortgage Tranfer Fee.
  • Please pay a visit to our closest Branch for more information. (Our Branches).


  • Original and Copy of Identity Card or Passport
  • Real Estate Property Ownership
  • An official proof of address such as current power or water bills (documentation other than ID)
  • Proof of income
  • Statements for accounts in other banks

“It is essential to abide by the 62/2017 Banking Law and its citations and Article 42 of that Law”