Measures to be Adopted

Dear Clients,

In order to overcome the obstacles arisen from the Covid-19 pandemic conditions, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası will adopt the following measures.

Within this context please be advised that;

  • Regardless of their functions, all accrued interests in TL or FC limited bank overdrafts of all clients, be them personal or corporate, will not be reflected in March 2020 and deferred to June 2020 (without collecting the interest of interest).
  • Regardless of their functions, the instalment payments of all consumer and corporate loans including their accrued interests are deferred by 3 months at the minimum.
  • Considering the current accrued interest rates of the current corporate and personal clients, the current deductions are made up to 4points in TL and 2 points in FC. Our Bank is working to increase the deductions on interests.
  • Accounting fees of March and Statement fees are not to be collected and at the ned of the next period, there will be amendments.
  • Preparations for loans with 12% interest rates in FC and 5,75% in TL are ongoing to be offered to you to support your liquidity as soon as your corporate actions are resumed.
  • Amendments in your cash flow will be offered for management of yoır current loans.

Personal clients will receive 25% increase credit card limits and for those who do not have such request are welcome to inform our branches.