Human Resources


Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bank established in Limasol in 1939 is a respected and successful organization that leads the banking sector with over 250 employees. Our most significant value, which offers our Bank’s variety of products and services based on the principle of customer satisfaction, is our workforce.  It is our greatest honor to possess such a workforce that appreciates the occupation of banking and continuously develops it while contributing to the wealth of our Bank with its sustainable quality of service is our greatest honor.  We define the efforts done at our Bank towards our personnel and the team players that take part in these efforts as “Human Resources.”


The Importance of our Human Resources Function:

Our human resources processes are managed in line with the strategic goals of our Bank, its corporate culture and expectations of personnel. Selection-placement, training and development, career planning, performance management, organizational development, and primarily satisfaction and motivation of employees, and similar processes are conducted by our Human Resources Department.  We intend to ensure long-term gains for our bank taking into consideration the valuable views and contributions of our department heads and branch managers.  We also plan to meet economic, social and psychological requirements, while maximizing the usage of existing competencies and at the same time congregating individual goals with corporate goals.  Our Human Resources Department essentially operates as the strategic business partner of our bank.


Our Human Resources Policy:

The center of concentration at our Bank is people.  Our Bank’s goals are openly shared with all personnel, thereby ensuring that everyone works towards the same goal with team spirit.  Our aim is to fulfill our goals by continuing on our path with productive happy employees that work on assignments in line with their competency and experience.

The Basic Principles of our Human Resource Policy:

  1. Employing suitable personnel for each task in our organization where job descriptions are clear,
  2. Keeping productivity, effectiveness and motivation of personnel at the highest level,
  3. The realization of our annual Training Plan, which is renewed each year in line with training needs,
  4. Ensuring that all our personnel own a peaceful and happy work environment,
  5. Endowing our personnel with complete financial and moral rights, and continuously enhancing these,
  6. Developing personnel and manager relations by offering an open communication environment,
  7. Offering opportunities for our personnel with Skill Management and Career Management.


The Significance of Selection-Placement:

Our guides in our selection-placement processes constitute our maps for job descriptions and competencies.  General qualifications required for each job and the necessities of the job are clearly determined, while we try to employ individuals that can represent our bank and work in accordance with our corporate culture.  Together with professionals that are experts in their area, in control of work processes and who will add value to our bank we also open our doors to youth who have a banking education and wish to pursue a career in banking.  Job application requirements for our bank:

  • Being TRNC citizens,
  • Having turned 18 years of age,
  • Having at least a high school or equivalent degree, and preferably a university degree,
  • Not being deprived of public rights,
  • Having a clean record (not having committed disgraceful crimes and not having acted immorally),
  • Having completed military service for male candidates,
  • Proving with a health board report that there is no impediment for working,
  • For experienced candidates, being well-informed, having experience and also positive references.

Persons that meet the above conditions must complete the application form below and submit a copy of their diploma together with 1 passport photo to the email address  All cv’s are analyzed prudently and entered into our candidates database and taken into consideration as needed.

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Open positions are first announced internally and filled from within our organization where there is a demand.  In the case where positions cannot be filled internally newspaper and social media advertisements are utilized.  Applications are evaluated and suitable candidates are invited for an interview.  If the interviews are affirmative examinations are conducted in accordance with the necessities of the job. In the case where interviews have a negative outcome feedback is given to unsuitable candidates via email.


Training Management:

Our training processes are a must for our Bank. All personnel is first subjected to an Orientation Training by our Human Resources after starting work.  After this training they go through an orientation process which involves the introduction of all departments.  Our training programs are divided into two categories as internal and external.  Furthermore, training programs are conducted under three headings as technical, personal development and obligatory.  At the end of each year a Training Needs Analysis is done for the next year and hence our needs-based Training Plan is prepared.  Our Training Plan is closely monitored and strengthened with improvements every year.  We have Internal Trainers within our Bank and our Internal Trainers consist of teammates who are experienced in their job and who have successfully completed the “Trainer of Trainers” program.

Performance Management:

Performance evaluations are done twice every year at our Bank.  Evaluations are made with clear and realistic goals.  Our Performance Evaluation System is, as with every other subject, open to improvement and change.  Each year we continue to work incessantly on completing the best evaluation for the next year.  Performance Evaluation Results provide input for the training, career, competency management, promotion and salary management issues at our bank.


Career and Competency Management:

In accordance with our principle that “our most valuable possession is our human resources,” we value competencies of all our personnel.  Competencies of personnel are taken into account in our career planning process.  Meetings regarding individual goals are carried out by our Human Resources Department, while personnel are guided in line with their information and experience.  Training and development plans are reconsidered taking into account their goals and various opportunities are offered.


Salary Management:

Salaries are managed at our bank in accordance with the educational background, duties, position, authority and responsibilities, and risks associated with the job.  Job evaluations are performed for each position, while the salary disposition is determined according to the nature of the job.  Our Salary Management System is fair and gives priority to internal motivation.  Creativity, competency, effort and performance are rewarded separately.

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