Bank Overdraft

You may collect amounts written on traveler’s checks, bank checks, personal and corporate checks drafted in convertible currencies by foreign banks and institutions, or request foreign currency bank checks to be prepared at Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bank,

Overdraft Accounts

  • You may also use Overdraft credits to fulfill your dreams with appropriate conditions.
  • This a product offered as overdraft / Checking account in Turkish lira, British Pound (GBP), Euro and US Dollar (USD) to existing and new customers of our Bank, with annual or 3 monthly capitalization.
  • Option to choose capitalization (3 months or annually).
  • No collateral transfer fees.
  • Please visit our closest branch.


  • Personal ID Card / Passport Original and Copy
  • Title Deed of Property
  • Proof of Residence (Apart from Personal ID Card)
  • Proof of Income
  • Bank statements of other banks you work with.

“All shall be in accordance with Banking Law numbered 62/2017, underlying declarations and Article 42 of the law.”