Correspondent Banks

Money Order Transactions Limassol Türk Kooperatif Bankası Ltd. with your application to domestic or abroad, anywhere in the world quickly and easily with the appropriate rate of transfer can send money order, you can transfer money to your name or account from abroad.

  • Turkish Garanti Bank
  • Turkish Bank
  • Turkish Vakıflar Bank
  • Aktif Yatırım Bank

For your transfer transactions, Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. ensures fast transfer to anywhere in the world, either locally or abroad, by your application with a viable commission rate, or receiving transfer into your account.

Transfers to Turkey:You can use instant money transfer opportunities via EFT System used by Turkish banking system for transferring to any account or person in Turkey. For your EFT transfers, you should notify our bank on the name of recipient, name of bank, name of branch, code of branch and IBAN account number or if not any, name of recipient, date of birth, code of branch, father’s name and T.C ID no. and phone number, name of recipient bank, name of branch and code of branch. You must issue your transfer orders 2 hours before our working hours so that transfer reaches to the recipient on the same day.

Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank customers can cash their cheques of our bank on the same day from all branches of Garanti Bank and Turkish Economy Bank with a provision.