Internationally valid throughout the world, CARDPLUS is the first chip-key MasterCard product of the TRNC. Limitless in services, Cardplus also provides supplementary cards, thus enables clients to produce as much as supplementary cards.

Why CardPlus?

  • Due to its chip-key features and encrypted background it is the most credible credit card of the TRNC.
  • Credit card owner clients are able to produce supplementary cards as much as they wish.
  • PlusPoints earned enables free shopping
  • Privileged services also valid for overseas shopping.


Apply Now

Limassol Bank Credit Card Cardplus, by making another first in a short time, continues to stand by its employees by offering the payment application with SMS Code – ID – Password for Provident Fund Support Payments from ATMs.

SMS Plus

One SMS enables easier and faster service for 7/24!

 Text what you need to know, add the last 4 digits of your card after a space and send it to 5000. Receive all information in seconds!  


Every person above 18 years of age with regular income can apply to obtain a credit card. For those who do not have a regular income with foreign nationalities can proceed their applications by assistance of a guarantor.

A credit card application form and a copy of your passport is sufficient for credit card applications. In certain cases, one of the required documents’ copies can be requested from the guarantors.

One can proceed with the credit card application at Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. branches.

For online applications, please follow this link.

Credit card applications supported by a wholly filled form including the signatures on the agreement documents as well as other required documentation, can be submitted to one of the branches of Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. for evaluation which is to be completed in the shortest period.

The result of your credit card application can be followed at the branches or through customer services of 444 5 000.

Foreign nationality holders can apply for a credit card by submitting copies of their identity card, residency permit and work permit along with a guarantor.

One month before your credit card’s validity expiry date, a renewed one is issued to be submitted to your bank branch one week before the expiry date at the latest.

Supplementary Credit Card Application Form can be filled from the Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. branch you received your CardPlus. You can make supplementary credit card applications for anyone aged over 18 years. Those who are younger,  can receive a supplementary credit card as per an approval letter by their legal guards.

The debts of your supplementary credit cards embedded within the utilisation of your main credit card is transferred to this main card at the statement date. Therefore, there is no need for an additional payment for a supplementary card. The limit of the supplementary card is defined by the main card owner during the application process.


The password for your credit card is produced by you at the branch with the assistance of the employee in charge when you receive your card. The password for your credit card can be easily changed at the branches or ATM terminals.

In case you forget your credit card password, you can recreate a new password by applying to a Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. branch with your identity card.

Payment and Limit Information

Regularly sent to your address on monthly basis, a bank statement is a document which includes information on your expenses, limit, Plus Points, debts and payments between two statement dates.


For revaluation of your credit card limit, you will need to apply to the branch.

Your bank statement is sent to your mobile phone, fax number and/or e-mail as per described on the application form. If not stated on the form, all branches of Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. or the Customer Service of 444 0 5000 will assist you to make these changes.

You can proceed this application at our branches or convey your demand to Customer Services at 444 5 000.

You can make your credit card payments at Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. branches or other branches of CardPlus member banks or via automatic payment order.

You can make a payment order to our bank for your automatic credit card payments to be done either in whole or at the minimum debt.

Interests and Prices

Default interest is a monthly net interest rate applied when a less amount of your total debt instalment is paid at the payment date, i.e. due date. In case the minimum payment amount or a greater amount of payment is made until the due date, interest is charged until this next due date of the remaining debt amount or in cases where there is no payment, interest is charged until the next due date. If the shopping amount charged on the due date is totally paid, no interest will be charged. For cash advances, daily interest is charged on the other hand.

Cash Withdrawal Fee is charged for each shopping process is conducted as cast withdrawal.

In case the limit which is granted to your credit card for expenses and cash withdrawal is exceeded, limit exceeding fee is charged. Limit exceeding fee is calculated as the 3% of the amount that exceeded the limit. Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax (BSIV) is the tax fee for banking insurance transactions.  


In case you lose your credit card or if it is stolen, you must either contact the Customer Services via 444 5 000 immediately or file a report for loss/stolen card on the website. As of the date you file this report 

Customer Services via 444 5 000 can disable your card’s number to be used for online and mobile shopping.

In case the limit which is granted to your credit card for expenses and cash withdrawal is exceeded, limit exceeding fee is charged. Limit exceeding fee is calculated as the 3% of the amount that exceeded the limit. Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax (BSIV) is the tax fee for banking insurance transactions.   

Objections for all expenditure indications on your bank statement can be conveyed to the Customer Services via 444 5 000.


A credit card holder earns Plus Points for each payment either in TRNC or abroad. For companies collaborating with CardPlus, more points can be earned via payments be them with instalments or single payment. Each 1 Plus Point is equal to 1 TL.

A credit card holder can redeem their bonus as Plus Points for FREE shopping at any CardPlus member business place.

CardPlus Member Business Places

If you are working with a bank which is a member of CardPlus, you need to convey your request for membership at the branches and fill in the “POS Application Form”. If this will be your first collaboration with CardPlus, then you must pay a visit to any closest branch. Evaluation of your request should be submitted along with the following documentation. Following the evaluation, our representatives will inform you regarding the results:

  • Tax Certificate
  • Certification of the Business Accreditation
  • ID copies of the shareholders
  • Taxpayer Certificate 

A POS device holder can reach to Customer Services via 444 5 000 and inform regarding the malfunction and receive assistance instantly. For major malfunctions, the records are held and the business place is visited by the technical services within 24 hours at the latest.

A POS device holder can request receipt slips from CarPlus member bank branches or from Customer Services via 444 5 000.

A virtual POS is a POS software facilitating to online marketing business places to make collections from credit cards. Customers who shop online enter their credit card information on the website form which reach to bank securely via internet and receives provision. This software ensures a secure provision acquisition, in other words, transferred information of the credit card holder is prevented from the third parties through the aid of SSL encryption technique. CardPlus deducts the cost amounts of the shopping by a customer from their credit card limits as per their provisions and maintains that this information is indicated on the bank statement.

CardPlus Application Form