Treasure – Funds

Following the economy in TRNC, Turkey and throughout the world and considering the market conditions and exchange demands, as Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd., we offer the most suitable interest rates and foreign exchange rates fot your TL and foreign currency savings.

Bank Deposits

Drawing Accounts

Be it in TL or foreign currency, you will be able to invest and withdraw money to your drawing accounts without depending on any terms and you can obtain interest at the end of the year.

Deposit Accounts

Along with our deposit accounts of which terms vary between 1, 3, 6 and 12 months; we are offering 1-year term monthly interest paying and weekly term deposit accounts specifically designed for your all TL and foreign currency savings to facilitate the most efficient way of valuation.

Deposit Transactions:

You can open deposit accounts in TL, USD, GBP and EUR currencies via your drawing accounts operating in Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd.