CardPlus Mobile POS


Definition of the Product:

This is a smart phone application that enables business places to collect payments from mobile phones easily and securely.


Payment collections can be made anywhere and anytime.
Payments can be tracked within the application and transactions received can be seen.
Secure payment with “3D Secure”
No Service Fee for Business Places, No GSM Fees, No Ineffectiveness Fee and No Insurance Fee.
Offered in Turkish, English and Russian languages.
3 various payment options as payment link, card with card and pay with QR.
Account balance and activities can be listed.
Drawing accounts of the business place can make transactions.
Money transfers to and between other accounts opened at Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. and Cardplus member banks are available.
Users permitted to access the accounts can be determined.
Currently we are working on the features of instalment sales, Points sales, sales from the accounts and blocked (same day value) working structure.

Payment Methods:
Payment Link (Free of charge link sending for payment via SMS and e-mail).
Payment with Card (Payment with card information and scanning. No passcode requirement up to 350 TL; 3D Secure Payment requirement for 350TL and higher payments)
Payment with QR code (Payments are made with created-QR code. Only available for Cardplus Mobile. Constant and Dynamic Total QR code can be created.)

Expenses (In terms of the Client): 
Commission rate is applied to all cards. 0.3% fixed IKP

Application and Acquirement Process:

CardPlus Mobile POS can be acquired by new and current clients of Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd., legal entities or commercial taxpayer certificate holder entities and/or real persons accredited by Tax and Income Office.

During the application process of CardPlus Mobile POS, CardPlus Member Business Places – Mobile POS Deed of Consent Letter/Letter of Commitment (Annex-1) should be submitted along with other required documents. For current POS clients, Mobile POS Deed of Consent Letter/Letter of Commitment (Annex-1) is to be sufficient. Relevant branch is to process the operation as soon as an e-mail confirming the existence of the current agreement and enclosed with the Annex-1, “CardPlus Member Business Places – Mobile POS Deed of Consent Letter/Letter of Commitment” and “CardPlus Mobile POS Business Place Information Form (Annex-2).

I hereby indicate and declare that I read this document and comprehended and accepted all features of the product.

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