CARDPLUS is the first MasterCard of the TRNC with chip that can be used anywhere in the world and which has an international validity.  Cardplus provides limitless services and also provides additional cards.  Hence the main card holder customer may provide additional cards to as many persons as he/she likes.

Why Cardplus?

  • It is the most reliable credit card of the TRNC thanks to chip and pass code
  • Cardholders may request as many additional cards as they please
  • Free shopping thanks to PlusPoints earned
  • Distinguished services that may also be used abroad

The Cardplus Credit Card of Limasol Bank again sets an example by offering workers the opportunity to make Provident Fund Support Payments via ATM’s by entering an SMS Code – ID – Pass Code.

SMS Plus Service

For an easier and faster service, your Cardplus transactions are on your mobile phone with a single SMS 7/24!

Simply send the last 4 digits of your card together with the card information you need to 5000 – instantly get your information on your mobile phone.

Frequently Asked questions

Anyone over 18 years of age and with steady income may apply for a credit card.  Persons without steady incomes or foreign persons must apply with guarantors.

You must fill out a card application form and present a copy of your passport.  If necessary copies of the same documents may be asked from the guarantor.

You may apply for a credit card at any branch of Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bank.

A complete credit card application with signed agreement and submitted together with all necessary documents to any branch of Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bank shall be evaluated promptly.

You can learn the outcome of your application from the Branch where you applied or by calling our customer service line at 444 5 000.

Foreign applicants must submit a copy of their ID, residence permit and work permit together with at least one guarantor with their application.

Your new card is printed 1 month before the expiration of your current card and sent to your branch 1 week before the expiration date at the latest.

You may apply at the Cardplus member bank where you received your original card by filling out an “Additional Card Application Form.”  You may apply for anyone over 18 years of age.  Persons under 18 may get the additional card with a permit letter from their parent.

Expenses on the additional card are transferred to your main card at the statement date.  Therefore, no payment needs to be made into the additional card.  The main card holder determines the limit of the additional card at the application.


The pass code for your credit card is created by you with assistance from our branch staff at the delivery of the card.
You may readily change your card’s pass code at branches of one of the member banks or at our ATM terminals.

If you forget your pass code you may apply top any branch of one of our member banks with your ID card and create a new pas code.

Payment And Limit Information

It is a document that is sent to your address regularly on a monthly basis and that shows expenses, limit, plus points, debt, and payment details between your previous statement date and the new statement date.

You must apply to the bank that issued your card in order for your limit to be reviewed.

Your statement balance is sent to the mobile phone number, fax number and/or email address that you presented on your application form. If you did not mention these on your form you may submit a request at all branches of Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bank or through our Customer Service at 444 5 000.

You may apply at our Bank or call our Customer Service at 444 5 000.

You may make your credit card payments at all branches of Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bank or branches of other member banks, ATM terminals or via payment order.

You may give a payment order to your bank for the payment of the full or minimum amount of your credit card debt from your account on the statement date.

Interest And Costs

This is the monthly net interest rate applied in the case where you pay an amount less than the total debt on your account statement at the last payment date.
If the minimum amount due or a larger amount is paid until the last payment date, interest is applied on the remaining debt until the next payment date, or if no payment was made until the next statement date. If you pay the full amount of your expenses on the last payment date no interest shall be applied. Daily interest is applied for cash advances.

This is the fee that will be charged for each cash withdrawal on your card.

This is the interest rate that shall be applied if the expenses and cash withdrawal transactions exceed the limit assigned on your card. The limit excess interest is applied as 3% on the excess amount.
BSIV is the Banking Insurance Transactions tax (BITT).


In this case you should call our Customer Services at 444 5 000 or submit a lost/stolen notification on our site. You card shall be closed for use on the date you make this notification. Your new card shall be printed promptly and you shall be informed accordingly.

You may make a request with your card number at 444 5 000 to close you card for internet or telephone shopping.

This is the interest rate applied in the case where your expenses and cash withdrawals exceed the limit assigned to your card. The limit excess interest is applied as 3% on the excess amount.
BSIV is the Banking Insurance Transactions tax (BITT).

If there is an expense on your credit card which you think does not belong to you, you can call our Customer Service line at 444 5 000 to convey your objection.


You earn Plus Points for all expenses made in the TRNC and abroad. You earn more Plus Points for expenses made at Cardplus partner companies, for both installment and single payment purchases. 1 Plus Point earned equals 1 TL.

Your accumulated bonus is required for FREE shopping at Cardplus member merchants whenever you want

Member Businesses

If you work with one of the Cardplus member banks you can make a request at the branch that holds your accounts by filling out a “POS application form.”
If you are going to work with Cardplus for the first time you must visit the nearest branch of the member bank you prefer. Once you present the documents provided below and fill out the “POS application form” your application will be processed and the result conveyed to you soon after.
• Tax plate,
• Certificate of Approval,
• ID copies of partners,
• Obliged Registration document.

You may call out Customer Service line at 444 5 000 and inform us about the POS breakdown and get help over the telephone. For greater problems the error shall be resolved within the 24 hours following your application by our technical service.

You may obtain slips used in POS machines at Cardplus member branches or by calling the Customer Service line at 444 5 000.

A virtual POS is a POS software allowing withdrawals from credit cards for businesses providing internet shopping. Once an online shopping Customer enters his/her card information on the form of the site of the business this information is securely conveyed to the bank and a confirmation for sufficient funds is taken. This software ensures that the confirmation for sufficient funds is taken securely, meaning the information transferred via the internet is prevented from reaching 3.rd parties via use of the SSL pass code technique. Cardplus ensures amounts spent for shopping transactions on the site, for which confirmation for sufficient funds has been taken, are deducted from the limits of the credit card and deposited into the bank account of the member business.