Limasol Bankası Launched Open Communication – Storification Workshop

Limasol Bankası Launched Open Communication – Storification Workshop

Limasol Bankası carries out its comprehensive trainings developed in 2022.

Training process which aims to develop analytical thinking skills, effective use of the technological innovations, rapid solution-based working, expanding the working skills and increasing the current client satisfaction, this time, continued with Open Communication –Storification Workshop.

Conducted with the participation and contribution by the Units and Branches of the Limasol Bankası, Open Communication – Storification Workshop took place last week within the Covid-19 measures as the first face-to-face training among the 2022 training programme. Atelier Arkın Director, Turkish Education and Development Platform Association Founding Member Yusuf Baydal trained the participants on the importance of the personal story, the reasons for living, techniques to sustain the enthusiasm, discovering and solving the problems as well as methods of open communication.

Following the evaluation of the workshop, Trainer Yusuf Baydal reported:

“What makes us the person we are today is our stories beneath our experiences. They might be unforgettable achievement stories as they might be heavy consequences such achievements. Stories deepen their meanings with their details and carry us to open communication. Today was an unforgettable day at Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası. Thanks to all participants from the bottom of my heart.”

Blazing the trail with its 83-years of experience, dynamism, innovative approaches and digital transformations, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası will continue trainings in the upcoming days covering various topics. Within these workshops, career-leading home and international trainers will continue to provide training to all bank staff in 2022.