Local Bank of Cyprus, Limasol Bankası is now 81 Years Old

Limasol Bankası celebrates its 81st anniversary in service since its foundation in 1939.

According to the 81st anniversary of its establishment, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası General Manager İlkin Yoğurtcuoğlu and Head of Executive Board, Hüseyin Kemaler published gratitude message and thanked to all clients, shareholders, managers and all current and prior employees.

İlkin Yoğurtcuoğlu indicated that Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası has been carrying out its activities for 81 years with the same passion and motivation and aiming to carry the establishment to further in order to strengthen the current structural system. Highlighted that Covid-19 pandemic was closely followed and necessary actions for betterment of the clients were immediately taken, Yoğurtcuoğlu stated that Limasol Bankası will continue its successful achievement by means of power they receive from their 81 years’ experience. Yoğurtcuoğlu conveyed his gratitude for efforts of members of the current and previous executive board and the managers as well as the employees and wished that 81st anniversary may bring the best luck to all.

Limasol Bankası Head of Executive Board Hüseyin Kemaler indicated that the Bank, founded on 9th June 1939 in Limassol, is a developing and enlarging local bank which pursues to offer the best service to its clients and said “As we welcome our 81st anniversary, we are going through hard times due to the Covid-19 pandemic which surrounded the world. During this process, we will continue, as always, to protect the societal welfare and peace in order to maintain the prosperity of our clients by means of supporting products as loans and protect the rights of our employees by putting our hardest efforts.” Stressing that circumstances that would harden the economy and finance world will arise in the upcoming period, Kemal highlighted his complete belief towards overcoming these obstacles by standing together with the power they receive from their experience and approaches which protect the rights of the clients. Kemaler said “As celebrating another anniversary, I convey my deepest gratitude to everyone who participate in the success of Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası” and he wished for a healthy and prosperous year.


Head of Executive Board Hüseyin Kemaler General Manager İlkin Yoğurtcuoğlu