Car Insurance

1. Compulsory Car Insurance

This is the insurance that one has to have as per the citations of the Law. It can be considered as a measure that is formed to serve as an insurance system where the person has a responsibility to the third parties so that the third parties do not remain uncompensated.

2. Auto Insurance (Motor Insurance)

With Auto insurance, you can secure your car against;

    • Any accidents;
    • A moving object hitting your car
    • A hit by your car to a stable or a moving object
    • A clash with another car
    • An overturn of your car
    • A fall of your car
    • A rolling of your car
    • Malicious or bad faith damages
    • Burning
    • Burglary

Any financial or physical damages towards the other party (death, injury or treatment costs). The cost of the insurance is determined after the evaluation of the brand, model and production date of your car. Additionally, no-claim discounts, multi-car possession discounts and pre-payment discounts can be benefitted.

a) Shortfall Auto (Motor) Insurance:

In cases where your car insurance is below the actual worth of your car, your damage is compensated by the rate between the cost of your car and the prior insurance cost.

b) Foreign Currency Auto (Motor) Insurance:

Afore given insurance types can be indexed to foreign currencies.

You can benefit from the client discount, no-claim discount, multi car possession discount and pre-payment discount on your policy as per your insurance type.