Limasol Social Responsibility Co Provides Entertaining and Educational Workshops to Children and their Families

Sister organisation of Limasol Bankası, Limasol Social Responsibility Co (LSS) developed “Audiobook and Arts Activities” to support children’s creativity, habits for listening and development of concentration skills and contribute into their education especially during the pandemic.

Oriented to focus on 4 – 14 years’ scale, the project allows children to benefit from the audiobooks videos and participate in artistic activites provided by professionals through the social media channels of Limasol Bankası on every Sunday.

Audiobook Series for Children

LSS Co Executive Board Member and Consultant İpek G. Halim Taşkapılı introduced Audiobook Project and LSS Co. and stated that LSS supports children theatre, allows children to meet the theatral concepts and started audiobook project in 2018 along with various artistic activities.

Indicating that all books included in the Audiobook Series are discretely chosen fort he children, Taşkapılı also stressed that a back music was composed for the project, audiobooks received their voices by theatre artists and developed in accordance with specialised psychologists.

Taşkapılı also stated that the first books included in the project tell Cypriot stories or written by Cypriot authors.

According to LSS Executive Board Member and Consultant İpek G. Halim Taşkapılı, in order to reach these stories, Limasol Social Responsibility Co YouTube channel is available and all of the stories are free-of-charge. Taşkapılı also made recommendations to those who would like to listen to authentic stories to visit YouTube channel “Limasol Social Responsibility Co” as some of the stories were newer recorded at anywhere else.

Sunday Stories by LSS Videos for Children

Extending the levels of Audiobook Series Project this year, Limasol Bankası social media channels started to share videos from the World Literature on every Sunday for children.

Within the “Audiobook Series” project includes stories, Süslü (Fancy) written by Ayşen Dağlı, Ormanın Kardeşliği (Forest Brotherhood) by Suzan Polat, Girne’de Kayıt Hazine (Lost Treasure in Girne) by Derya Atamer and Tilki ile Kirpi (Fox and the Hedgehog) by Hatice Tezcan.

On the other hand, Audiobooks from World Literature, The Pirates Next Door and Sidney, Stell and Moon also being shared in the roject. In the upcoming days, new stories will gain voices by new artists and continue to meet with children on every Sunday.

Arts activities are run by Arts therapist Bahar Çıralı and Arts Teacher Ozan Özgenler on social media through creative ideas.

LSS Head of Executive Board Hüseyin Kemaler: “Audiobooks and Arts Activities Are Our Discretely Prepared Gifts to Children”

Limasol Social Responsibility Co Head of Executive Board Hüseyin Kemaler published a written statement regarding the subject and indicated that LSS Co was brought into life in 2011 and since then, many projects were actualised under the light of its efforts.

Kemaler reminded that the aim of LSS is to create a sustainable world for a better life offered to children in the fields of sports, arts and environment along with educational purposes and after stressing that Audiobook Series Project is a gift from Limasol Bankası to children, he also wished that the stories are listened and the activities are held in good and healthy days.


Ormanın Kardeşliği

Girne’de Kayıp Hazine

Tilki ile Kirpi