Limasol Social Responsibility Co Held its General Assembly Meeting

Limasol Social Responsibility Co held its general assembly meeting and decided the directors’ committee for the new term.

General Assembly Meeting for Limasol Social Responsibility Co was held at the culture hall of General Directorate building of Limasol türk Kooperatif Bankası. Held in accordance with the Covid-19 precautions, General Assembly started with opening speeches. Later on Council Board elections was conducted as Niyazi Akman, External Auditor, read the financial report, Board of Directors election was held after voting.


Elected through voting, new Board of Directors was held by Head of Executive Board Hüseyin Kemaler, Members of Executive Board Müzeyyen Öztürker, Mine Tokay, İpek Kabidan, Consultant İpek G. Halim Taşkapılı and Secretary Akıle Tatarlar.

Kemaler: “We are one of our kind in the firld of social responsibility”

LSS Head of Executive Board Hüseyin Kemaler indicated that LSS Co avhieved many successful activities since 2011 and indicated that Limasol Social Responsibility Co is the first social responsibility project held throughout the TRNC. Kemaler said “Our foundation produces activities in the fields of children, sports, arts and environment for a sustainable world. From the very first day until now, experts in their fields and LSS authorities achieved many goals. The foundation is known among the public for their success in the projects concentrating in developing the communication skills of the children and we are happy to be a bridge to meet experts with children in the fields of arts.” Kemaler also indicated that in the new term, permanent art works will be produced as per the projects and thanked to all volunteer artists for their supports and employers of the Bank for their contributionsç Stressing that he has a strong belief that the new Board of Directors will complete successful projects in the new term and wished for a successful year.

The meeting ended as the Board of Directors was granted the authority to elect auditors followed.