Foreign Banking

Letter of Credits:
The fastest and the most secure operational process for your import and export activities are offered in Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd.. A letter of credit is a written consent of a Bank that it accepts to make a certain amount payment to the seller by accepting the policies drawn by the beneficiary within a certain term and in return of certain documentation and under stipulated conditions. For payments depending on letter of credits, the seller has a Bank statement which consents that the price of the estate will be paid to them. On the other hand, as the Letter of Consent conditions will be prepared as per their requests, the buyer is assured that no payment will be made unless these conditions are met. Letter of Consent operation that is a key point in international business to protect both parties, buyer and seller, are operated at our Bank by a highly competent and experienced staff in accordance with not only the Brochure No:600 of Letter of Consents of International Chamber of Commerce, Procedures and Applications but also other regulations that are in force in TRNC Laws.

Letters of Guarantee:
Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. offer the fastest and the best quality service for your operations on letter of guarantee in Turkish Lira and Foreign Currency that you may need to submit to foundations and establishments within TRNC.

External Guarantees:
Here in Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd., you can issue a Performance Guarantee Letter through our corresponding banks and facilitate a secure import transaction for the agreements you make with overseas companies.

Document Transactions:
Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. acts as an intermediary mean for the document transactions, a payment method in which the documents are delivered to the Importer and the payment is paid to the Exporter in international Business where it is ensured that the goods overtaken by the Importer shall be paid on due and under the agreed terms and conditions.