Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. was founded as a local cooperative bank in 1939, Limassol. The valuable support by its members, the trust given by its correspondents along with the energy and talents by its highly competent employees since its establishment, Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. managed to function at high levels in terms of performance and achieved the success accordingly, grew and developed. Providing various financial products and services to all personal and legal entity clients, today, Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. is accepted to the once of the oldest and pioneering finance foundations in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Its exterior approaches are both national and internationally adopted, Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd., provides these products and services at international standards.

The real owners of the Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. are its ever-growing member family. These members gather for a General Board meeting once in every three years under the supervision of Cooperative Companies Registry Office in which they vote for the Executive Board that would manage and administrate the Bank. Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. provides banking services with 250 in-office personnel in 14 branches with high standards. According to the needs and expectations of its clients, new products and new affiliates are actualised. With this purpose,  Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. created the youngest Mastercard of Kuzey Kıbrıs, CardPlus, with 8 local banks and added a value to economy and the community. In 1997, Limasol Insurance was founded by our bank to offer services in insurance sector to reflects its deep rooted credibility and experience in the field of insurance.    

The secret of 84-years of successful experience and power acquired by Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. arise from administrative mechanism and high quality employee team. With the purpose to provide the best service for our clients, number one rule for Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. is to invest in the best individuals of expertise, the best system and the best physical environment. Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. not only adopts experienced and motivated employees with great expertise, but also adopts the latest technology. In order to increase the productivity and enhance the incomes, the investments made in the human resources and technology represents the fundamental investing program of our Bank. All employees, staff and participators embraced within the body of Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. are qualified with team working and contribution traits.

Through this, creative and productive ideas and strategies are encouraged and supported to be developed and applied. In order to maintain the ideal of providing the best service to our clients, Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. personnel are being trained effectively and are being assessed regularly. Teamwork, respect to others, responsibility on the environment and social matters are primary fundamental factors within our corporate culture.

Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. adopts a client-oriented banking and within this context, we aim to comprehend the needs of our clients, thus enable the efficient finance and risk management to enhance the productivity and profitability.

We are proud to manifest to all clients and correspondents that the top priority agenda subject in our schedule is always the best banking service to be offered. 

Farsightedness, quality and professionalism are not only values that we care but also the definitions of how we work.