Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bank Ltd. (LTKB), was established in Limasol as a local cooperative in 1939.  Thanks to the significant support of its members since its establishment, the trust conferred by its correspondents and, before anything else, the capacity and energy of its staff, our Bank has successfully grown and developed over the years.  Providing all kinds of products and services to private customers and legal entities LTKB is accepted as one of the oldest and leading finance organizations of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  With both a national and international mindset LTKB also provides products and services at an international level.

The real owners of LTKB are its members which are continuously growing in number.  In the General Board meeting held once every three years under the auspices of the Cooperative Companies Registrar’s Office these members elect the Board of Directors that direct and manage the Bank. LTKB is providing banking services at high standards with over 250 personnel and 14 branches. In line with requirements and needs of customers, new products and subsidiaries have been developed. In that respect, our Bank has established the Cardplus brand, the youngest Mastercard of Cyprus, together with 8 local banks of North Cyprus and hence provided a significant value for the economy and community.  In 1997 our Bank has established Limasol Insurance, thus reflecting the experience and trust earned by Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bank over the years in the field of insurance.

The secret and strength behind the 81 year success of LTKB is owed to the subsistence of its administrative mechanism and highly qualified personnel. It has been the general rule of our Bank to invest in the best people, systems and physical environment in order to provide the best service for our customers.  While LTKB only employs experienced and motivated personnel, it also is equipped with the latest technology.  Investments made in human resources and technology with the aim of enhancing productivity and earnings form the basis of the investment program of our Bank.  Teamwork and participation are characteristics of all of our Bank’s personnel.

In this manner the development and implementation of creative and productive ideas and strategies is promoted and supported.  In order to ensure that our customers get the best service, LTKB personnel is subjected to an effective training and assessment process.  Teamwork, respecting people, and environmental and social responsibility form the principal characteristics of our corporate culture.

In that respect, our Bank believes in customer oriented banking and strives to fully understand the needs of customers, in order to enhance their effectiveness, productivity and profitability through finance and risk management.

Customers and correspondents of our Bank must know that the main goal on the agenda of the organization they are working with is providing exemplary banking service.

A forward looking mindset, quality and professionalism are among our main values and describe our approach to work.