Home Credit

  • This is a product designed for new and existing customers of our Bank that intend to take out a home credit in Turkish Lira, Euro, and British Pound terms against property collateral and/or with the purpose of enabling the purchase of a residence and/or a business (shop).
  • Credits shall be provided against Turkish Title Deed, Equivalent Title Deed, or Allocated Title Deed.
  • Credits shall be provided up to 80% of the expertise value of the Property.
  • No collateral transfer fees.
  • Up to 120 month term.
  • Credits may be closed before the end of their term.
  • Please visit our closest Branch.

Required Application Documents

  • Personal ID Card / Passport Original and Copy
  • Title Deed of Property
  • Proof of Residence (Apart from Personal ID Card)
  • Proof of Income
  • Banks statements of other banks you work with.

“All shall be in accordance with Banking Law numbered 62/2017, underlying declarations and Article 42 of the law.”

Download Necessary Documents Required for Loan Application of Real Persons.

Download Real People’s Credit Request Form.