Member Business Places / POS


Enhance your sales by becoming LTKB CardPlus Member Business Places and offer 16 instalments at sales with ourt desktop and mobile POS devices while you manage your cash more easily and secure your collection. You can also increase your customer potential with the campaigns offered to CardPlus Member business places by Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası. 

LTKB CardPlus POS Advantages:

  • Increases your sales.
  • Offers sales with instalments.
  • Facilitates cash monetary management.
  • Enhances the satisfaction of CardPlus Credit Card holder customers as they earn Plus Points for each payment.
  • Track all transactions operated through your POS device on the statement that is regularly sent to your e-mail on a monthly basis.
  • Offer campaigns (more instalment options) to your customers as a Cardplus Member business place.
  • Earn more with our alternative packages offering commissions specifically designed for you.
  • Sell products online easily and securely with Virtual POS.

POS Types

  • Dial-up POS

POS devices which work on desktop while connected to a fixed phone line.

  • Network POS

POS devices which work on desktop while connected to a network.

  • Mobil POS

POS devices which work through GSM and/or GPRS technology.

  • Virtual POS

Virtual POS is an application installed on a website that carries the same features of a real POS where the POS itself is a virtual application. This is the most efficient and most secure way of using POS for merchandise operated through internet.

Documentation Required for POS Applications

Commercial Real Person are to submit their Taxpayer Certificate, Business Ownership Accreditation Documents, Identity Card Copy 

Commercial Legal Entities are to submit a document from the company approving the application, Taxpayer Certificate, Certification of the Business, Principal Agreement and Regulations, Tax Certificate, ID documentation copies of the Director and the Shareholders.

For Virtual POS Device Applications; V-POS Agreement, Virtual POS Criteria, Chargeback Approval Form, Blockage Form.

CardPlus Request Form