100th Anniversary with Digital Transformation

Limasol Bankası Head of Executive Board Hüseyin Kemaler made statements on digital transformation that Limasol Bankası is embracing

Q: Limasol Bankası is conducting Digital Transformation activities. Can you provide brief information on that?

Digitalisation gains more importance day by day. It provides operation security. It not only enhances the productivity but also reduces the timing in operations thus increasing the operational numbers. Being customer, does not require any place or time anymore. We take note of our customers’ opportunities to operate anywhere at any time.

We conducted a very comprehensive work in 2020 regarding digitalisation. New generation core banking software CoreTechsS program is now available within our Bank. During this process, we managed to achieve great projects.

Our information technologies infrastructure continued to be invested in and we renewed our physical and virtual servers and storing systems. We extended our fibre network, we strengthened it and renewed the equipment at our branches.

Internet Banking and Mobile Banking activities are still ongoing comprehensively. We carry on to invest in Mobile Banking so that we can provide opportunities to our clients who should be operating their transactions easily and rapidly. We have a mobile banking application which can be used anywhere easily.

All operations can be done and tracked on the mobile phones very easily.

Contactless and secure operations gained importance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Limasol Mobile Bank offers you a contactless and free of touch service without any risk of spread at 24/7.

Additionally, we have 149 operating ATMs throughout the island are nor providing service.

Moreover, I would like to stress that contactless payment feature of our credit cards are appreciated by our clients.

Our clients can also monitor their all operations on PC or laptop via internet, be them drawing or deposit accounts or credit card payments, in Internet Banking section.

We started to use social media during Covid-19 more actively and we maintain this. We prepare and post informative and motivating videos for all clients, TRNC people and children.

Q: Before we started to interview, you mentioned new technologies, artificial intelligence and the power of data. Can you please specify these a little bit more?

Like in the past, we do not create one product which is offered to all clients. But instead, each client is special with their own special needs. Therefore, services and products offered should be configured and specified to serve this concept. One service or product type that we offer might be of good use to one client but not the others. Therefore, we have a requirement to meet each client’s needs with proper solutions. So, in our work, technology is now playing a big role. Supported by artificial intelligence, applications and the data analysis obtained by the utilisation of the clients’ habits provide information to us in this regard.

DATA is the most valuable thing of our present. To operate this data, complex digital algorithms supported by artificial intelligence are applied. Since each client is special, it is unfortunately not possible to analyse the clients through human resources. In order to make it possible, we should lean on artificial intelligence, as it will carry us to the future and help us grasp the future.

If I need to mention a brief example of what we do, I can say this. We determined the questions that our clients or prospective clients would like to get answers for 27/4. Then we started artificially intelligent applications which can answer these questions quickly.

Q: What would you like to add to conclude?

The experience and deep-rooted knowledge arise from 82 years in service, Limasol Bankası strive to catch the innovative period of the present to create a secure a future. As a close witness to the Cyprus history, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası served to its clients successfully under British Colonial Period, Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus Turkish Federal State and TRNC periods and became the most rooted cooperative establishment of TRNC.

Combining our experience with digital transformation, we are heading towards the future. To please our clients and to maintain a trust by the youngsters to our bank is the ultimate aim of us. Our target is to become a World brand in our 100th anniversary as an international bank serving in the international arena.