Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to do to become a Member Business Place?

At first, you will need to make an application to our closest branch in order to be registered as a Member Business Place. Upon your application, our authorised personnel will contact you and provide detailed information and guide you through the application in order to maintain a healthy process.

How do I start my Member Business Place process?

Member Business Place process can be started with filling the application form. As soon as we receive the information you provided on the form, you will be guided with the details of the remaining steps.

Which documentations should I prepare for membership process?

In order to become a Swift Invoice Payment Point, you should submit the following documentations:

For Real Persons:

  • Taxpayer Certificate
  • Business Ownership Accreditation Documents (if any)
  • Identity Card Copy
  • Statement Document (accredited by the branch and the client)

For Corporates:

  • Certification Documents
  • Accreditation Documents
  • Principal Agreement and Regulations
  • Company’s Approval
  • Taxpayer Certificate
  • Identity Card Copies of the Directors
  • Statement Document (accredited by the branch and the client)

How long does it approximately take to comple Member Business Place Installation?

Given your location in TRNC and updated stock quantities for the materials as well as the labour load of our employees, all operations are generally completed within a short period of time. Member Business Place employees will support you to expedite this process.

What is the difference of Swift Invoice Payment Points’ from other companies?

Swift Invoice Payment Points is a pioneering foundation in its sector which aims to provide maximum profit to the corporations and an integrated service mentality to its clients with the support of its technological substructure and its corporate features. New ideas are constanly created in this regard and services, that once were not opened, are being offered to our clients. Payments operations for power, water and telephone invoices / bills, subscriptions, municipality bills, estate bills etc. including business branches that seem to be different from each other but requiring great investments are now available to be solved with the innovative ideas, information technologies and specifically designed corporate structure of the Swift Invoice Payment Points.

Is it possible to transfer the rights of Member Business Places to 3rd persons?

As a principle, it is possbible to transfer your Member Business Place rights to 3rd persons. However, the person who is to undertake these rights should cover the required features at the beginning. Also, in order to complete the transfer operations, the renewal of the agreements that Swift Invoice Payment Points made with Member Business Places is necessary.

Does the technical software of the location is istalled by the Bank?

Swift Invoice Payment Points provide a fast and effective support regarding the software and equipment phases within the process of service.

Is there any security deposit to be paid to become a Member Business Place?

Following the start of your Business Place operations, you will be informed in detail.

What are the profits of the agencies for each operation?

Following the start of your Business Place operations, you will be informed in detail.

Which sort of program will I use while providing service?

Swift Invoice Payment Points offer all technological possibilities to you and your customers. Our software is completely web-based and east to be prepared and to be updated. Following the installation of your devices and arrangements, you will be registered for access to the program thus enabling you to provide services 24/7.

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