Money Transfer Transactions

By making an application to Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank you may carry out a transfer transaction upcountry or abroad, anywhere in the world, quickly and easily with the appropriate commission rates or receive a transfer transaction abroad under your name or to your account.

Sending money orders: 

Sending money orders between branches: You can ask for an online money transfer to an account or a person in any branch of our bank from your account in Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Sending money orders between the banks in the territory: You can ask for a money transfer with an instruction given by you to the Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank for the amounts of TL 7,000 (or equivalent foreign currency) or higher than this amount to the local and foreign banks which provide service in the territories of TRNC.

Money orders sent to abroad: You can make a money transfer from our bank to any country around the world with the same day value date. For such transfers to abroad, name of recipient, name of bank, sort code, IBAN no, SWIFT code and account number is asked.

  UPT (Cheap Money Transfer)

UPT is a money transfer system that allows you to receive and transfer money domestically and to abroad in a CHEAP, FAST and SECURE way without having a bank account. If you stop by our nearest branch with your valid identity document, you may carry out a UPT money transfer transaction.  By indicating the recipient cell phone number, a free UPT SMS is sent to the recipient as notification.


Money transfers to Turkey
You can use the opportunities of instant money transfers to an account or a person in the Turkish banks via EFT which is used by the Turkish banking system .for the money transfers through the EFT system, name of the recipient, name of bank, name of branch, code of branch, IBAN account number or if IBAN account does not exist name of recipient, date of birth, father name and Turkish Republic ID number and telephone number, name of recipient bank, name of branch and code of branch should be notified to our bank. In order your money transfer to reach the recipient in the same day, you need to give your instructions at least 2 hours before the end of our working hours.

Click here to download Money Transfer Instruction Form.