Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. “Peace” Themed Photography Competition

Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. “Peace ” Themed Photography Competition

1. AIM:

The aim and desire is to live in a country of Peace and as brothers and sisters,therefore this competition aims at sharing this theme by using all resources offered by the art of photography. This exciting journey targets all photography enthusiasts to join in and share their own experinces through their objectives, different perspectives and combination of colours.

The Competition; It is aimed to describe the theme “PEACE” by combining a technical and aesthetic approach through the art of photography and creating a environment of freedom. Also to convey this message to a larger audience will be an achievement. Also the competition aims at reinforcing the sense of tolerance which could contribute to peace in this country and world.

2. SUBJECT: “Peace”

Based on the condition of using different photography techniqes, all “Peace” themed photographs will be deemed in the scope of the contest. It is also possible to include positive and educational aspects into the photo frame.



  i) The judge members and the Organizing Committee along with first-degree relatives cannot participate in the competition. Everyone else may participate.

  ii) Entrance into the competition is free of charge.

  iii) All sent pieces may be photographed in or outside of Cyprus.

  iv) The pieces may be black and white or coloured.

  v) Any piece which may have been exhibited or received a prize before in Cyprus must not been sent to this event. Photographs which have been modified in colour or toning and have won a prize or been exhibited before will still be deemed as the original and not e considered as a different photo and therefore cannot enter the competition.

  vi) Each participant may enter a minimum of 3 (three) and a maximum of 8 (eight) pieces.

  vii) Participants must declare that all permissions and warrants have been received and that the photograph belongs to them. If it is determined that the participant has commited an offense and the rules of the competition have been infracted all prizes and titles will be taken back.

  viii) The judge’s decision is final. If it is deemed that the photo has been amended in any way and made to seem that the participant does not actally own the piece or has tried to mislead the jdges in any way will have committed an offense and all obtained prizes or titles will be taken away. This does not transfer the prize to any other participant and therefore the obtained prize or title will be left unawared.

  ix) Only digital pieces will be accepted into the competiton. All participants must save their high-resolution pieces on a CD or DVD.

  x) All entered pieces must; be in jpeg format, short end must be 40 cm, long side 60 cm and 300 dpi and finally delivered in RGB colour mode.

  xi) Any piece which has been deemed as prepared by compter software, or created through editing (colage) or if any elemet has been added or taken away from the piece will be disqualified. If necessary the judges may request the original or raw format of the piece.

  xii) Photographs submitted to the competition which do not disrupt the original beauty description framing, contrast, brightness and color settings will be accepted.

  xiii) Participants must also include on an A4 sheet the date and event description of the piece, the description should be no longer than half a page and be on a separate file on the CD or DVD.

  xiv) Any writing or mark which depicts the identity of the participant must not be on the piece. All pieces saved on the DVD or CD must contain a name and a nickname made p of 7 (seven) numbers (ex. 1234567 – respect to pedestrians). Katılımcılar tüm fotoğrafları için tek bir rumuz kullanmalıdır. The nickname must not resemble the participants identity numer or mobile/home number. Participants must write on a A4 sheet their nickname and personal information and attach it to the sealed envelope.

  i. Participants name, surname, home and work address and if available GSM phone number;

  ii. E-mail address

  iii. Passport or photocopy of identity card.

  xv) Photographs which will be exhibited and awared may be used without payment by Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank for posters, brochures, catalogues or any other publication. The name of the piece owner will take place on the photograph.

  xvi) All pieces sent by the participants accept that Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank may use the photo as desired, visually publish, give away as a gift, sell within the framework of the Social Responsibility Project, donate or grant the money obtained to an association, open exhibitions in different towns and use appropiately.

  xvii) Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank will pulish at no cost of the participants the photos for exhibitions that will take place after the competition. Once the photos have been printed the pieces will take place at the foreseen exhibitions.

  xviii) The competition specification can be obtained from:


Participants, during working hours by the lastest 16th May 2016, must deliver to the head office mentioned below their pieces recorded on a CD or DVD in a nicknamed envelope containing their personal information. They will receive a “Receipt” in return for their envelope.

Delivery Address:

Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank: 38, Atatürk Street, Yenişehir Nicosia

( For contact: Şenay Belet- Tel: 444 5852 Ext: 193).


Judge members will be announced later.


  a) All pieces sent to the event will be evaluated according to the judges determined procedure.

All pieces deemed worthy to be exhibited will be evaluated for First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize, Judge Honory Prize and The Photographer with the most exhibited Photos Award .

  b) The judges evaluation will be determined in an “Evaluation Report” which will be made up of two copies. The Report will be signed by all judge members.

First Prize: 5000 TL
Second Prize: 2000 TL
Third Prize: 1000 TL
Judge Honory Prize: 1000 TL
The Photographer with the most exhibited Photos Award: 1000 TL