New Year Loan

New Year Loan (TL)

Total Loan Amount
Annual Interest Rate
Commission Fee
Stamp Fee (TL) Instalment
Insurance (Annual)
(Loan Life)
Total Amount Payable
Annual Total Cost Rate
50.000,00 12 50,00 1.500.00 500,00 10.880,17 210,00 130.562,04 74,74
50.000,00  24 50,00 1.500.00 500,00 6.802,62 210,00 163.264,19 71,31

The annual total cost rate includes interest, allocation fee, life insurance and taxes to be paid during the loan term and is calculated over the sample term and amount.
“These calculations are for informational purposes and vary according to the amount of debt, maturity, collateral and are not binding.”
“Our Bank reserves the right to change the campaign features and terminate the campaign according to market conditions.”
1.5% Loan Allocation Fee, 3% bank and insurance transaction taxes, Duhuliye, Share fees and taxes of these items are added to the Allocation Fee. A 0.5% stamp tax is charged for each loan request.
The annual cost rate is calculated assuming that the consumer pays the installment payments regularly.

Documents Required for Loan Applications

  • Risk research from our customers who do not have a Memzuç record and from individuals who are not our customers,
  • Original and photocopy of ID Card or passport (the same documents will be requested from guarantors/guarantors),
  • An official document confirming address, current electricity or water bill (excluding ID card) (the same documents will be requested from guarantors/guarantors),
  • Income Declaration (the same documents will be requested from the guarantor(s)