Armar Group Dowry Loan


Loan Amount
Loan Term
Annual Interest Rate
Allocation Fee (TL) Stamp Fee
Installment Amount (TL) Insurance (Annual)
(Life Credit)
Total Amount Payable
Annual Total Cost Rate
150.000,00  12 67,00 4.500.00 750,00 17.816,24 480,00 213.794,88 116,69
150.000,00  24 67,00 4.500.00 750,00 11.827,99 480,00 283.871,64 108,66
200.000,00  12 67,00 6.000.00 1000,00 23.754,99 640,00 285.059,84 116,69
200.000,00  24 67,00 6.000.00 1000,00 15.770,65 640,00 378.495,63 108,66

Annual total cost rate includes interest, commission fee, life insurance and taxes during a loan term and is calculated over sample term and amounts.

  • “These calculations are indicative and may vary depending on the loan amount, term, collateral and are not binding.”
  • “Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank Ltd. has the right to make changes on the features of the campaign according to the market conditions and terminate the campaign.”
  • Commission Fee includes 3% bank and insurance taxes, entrance fees, share fees and the taxes of these. 0,5% stamp tax is collected for each loan application.
  • Annual cost rate is calculated on the assumption of regular payment for instalments by the client.

Documents Required for Loan Application

  • Risk intelligence for clients who do not have any memzuç records, ie. loan risk records table or persons who are not clients currently. 
  • Original and Copy of Identity Card or Passport (guarantor /guarantors shall provide for the same documentation)
  • An official proof of address such as current power or water bills (documentation other than ID) (guarantor /guarantors shall provide for the same documentation)
  • Proof of income (guarantor /guarantors shall provide for the same documentation)