Personal Seat Accident Insurance

While you bring the damages on your car under coverage with Casco and Third Party Liability Insurance Policies, you provide security for yourself and your beloved ones with Personal Seat Accident Insurance.

It is possible to include Personal Seat Accident Insurance in addition to Full Casco and Third Party Liability Insurance Policies for;

    • •  Private cars
    • •  Cargo Carrier Vehicle
    • •  Construction Equipment Drivers
    • •  Tractor drivers and
    • •  Motorcycle drivers

For the accidents happened either during your car is on the go, or parked or getting in and out of car, ensure the security of passengers with the coverage of;
• Death and
• Permanent Disability
of Personal Seat Accident Insurance.

Additional Coverage :
In addition to death and permanent disability coverage, it is possible to add the coverage of treatment expenses under your policy with an extra premium.
• Treatment expenses coverage is provided together with death and permanent disability coverage and
• The amount of coverage can not be more than 10% of total death and permanent disability coverage.
The coverage amount of Personal Seat Accident Insurance can be issued from your proposed price.

Pre-Condition of Personal Seat Accident Insurance• It is essential to underwrite all capacity (number of seats) written on registration document of motor vehicle.

Theft Insurance: This type of insurance covers the loss and damages occurred due to theft or theft attempt on the commodity and goods indicated under the policy.

Glass Breaking Insurance: This type of insurance covers glass and mirrors indicated under the policy from the loss and damages occurred with breaking.

Employer’s Liability Insurance : This type of insurance covers the compensation claimed by employees under a labour contract and that are subject to the Law on Social Insurance or their beneficiaries on the grounds of legal liability incumbent on employer for the potential occupational accidents in the workplace, and compensation claims above and excluded from the contributions provided by Social Insurance Institution as well as compensation amounts to be paid as a result of recovery lawsuits filed by the same institution against an employer for occupational accidents, up to the amounts indicated on policy.

Elevator Accident Insurance  :This type of insurance covers the compensation amounts claimed by third parties as a result of potential accidents due to elevator or elevators that are subject to regular maintenance under a contract, and indicated under the policy together with the brand, type, way of use, carrying capacity, up tp the amounts indicated on policy.

Third Party Financial Liability Insurance
Under this type of insurance, the insured covers the damages of third parties that occur within the policy period.