Motor Vehicle Insurance

This is an obligatory insurance under the Law. In case of being responsible against third parties, this should be considered as a measure for the prevention of non-compensation of third parties set up by using the insurance system.

You can guarantee your vehicle against
Accidents;  -Hit of a moving object to your car 
                     – Crash of your vehicle to a stable or moving object
                     – Rolling over of vehicle
                     – Falling of your vehicle
                     – Rolling of your vehicle
 Behaviours done with bad intention or joke
 Material and physical injuries (death, injury and treatment expenses).

Your insurance amount is determined considering the brand, model and manufacturing year of your car.
You may also enjoy;

No claim discounts,
Vehicle majority discount and
cash discounts for your insurance.

a) Under Casco Insurance
In case of insuring your vehicle under its real value, your damages are covered in the rate between the value of vehicle and insured value.

b) Casco Insurance in Foreign Exchange
You may also get all the above mentioned type of insurances as foreign exchange indexed.
In accordance with the Casco insurance, you can get

Customer discount
No claim discounts
Vehicle majority discountand
Cash discounts under your policy.

You can secure yourself and your beloved ones traveling with you against accidents. Please see the “Accidents” under the menu of “Our Products”.