Limasol Bankası Continues to Visit Schools for Audiobook Project

Supporting education, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası visited Cihangir, Düzova, Balıkesir and Paşaköy Primary School to promote Audiobook Project

Limasol Bankası Audiobook Promotion is Carried Out at Schools

Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası carrying its promotional activities on Audiobook Project, launched in 2018 to infuse children with love of books, habits for listening and development of creativity and communication skills.

Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası carries on its visits which have started in April. Aiming to reach more children with Audiobook Project, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası first paid visits to Güzelyurt Barış and Güzelyurt Özgürlük Primary Schools, Şht. İlker Karter Primary School, Lucky Duck Learning Center, Gazimağusa Municipality Atatürk Kindergarten, EMAA Art Center, Değirmenlik Primary School, Şehit Mehmet Eray Primary School. Then the visits continued with, Cihangir Düzova Primary School, Eşref Bitlis Primary School to share this project with more children.

With the school visits in the aim of conveying the Audiobook Project to more children, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası team carries on to provide information to teachers and students on how to reach audiobooks free of charge.

Visits by the Bank were paid by Corporate Communication Manager İpek G. Halim Taşkapılı, Corporate Communication Unit personnel Ceylan Çınarlılı, Demirhan Branch Manager Hacer Ener, Demirhan Branch personnel Çise Bayrak and Lefkoşa Central Branch Manager Havaa Beşiktaş and Lefkoşa Central Branch personnel Zehra İbrahimoğlu Bilge.

In the statements, school headmasters and authorities indicated that Audiobook project is valuable and expressed their gratitude by the visit.

In its statements, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası stated that experts contributed into this project and Cypriot tales are embedded into the Audiobook. The activities by the bank to reach more children on the project will carry on in the upcoming days. 

These easily-accessible and completely free-of-charge Audiobook Project can be accessed via YouTube.