Message from our General Manager

General Director İlkin Yoğurtcuoğlu

Distinguished shareholders and esteemed customers.

With its vision to become the finance leader of the TRNC Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bank, one of the most important financial institutions in our country, strives to be one of the banks that accomplishes the needs of our times rather than one that simply follows these and continues to underake differentiating projects in its 80th year bringing exciting innovations to our agenda.

While currently efforts to exit the global financial crisis continue and effects of the crisis are felt more in developing countries, Limasol Bank continued its leadership role in converting savings to investments and continued to carefully grow despite all adverse developments.

Our Bank with its ideology based on stable growth, customer satisfaction and sustainable profitability strives to fulfill its responsibilities in the development of the TRNC economy. With that in mind we have opened 14 branches in areas with favorable feasibilities and continue to serve our people with over 250 personnel.

Limasol Bank, which synthesizes modern banking applications with the Cooperative spirit, significantly values Social Responsibility projects while growing.   As a first in this area we are proud to have activated nonprofit Limasol Sosyal Sorumluluk Co., which has gained high great recognition in our country with its activities in environment, culture, art, sports and health areas since its establishment in 2011.

On the other hand, we have made arrangements in light of new needs arising from consumer and investor preferences and the need for financial products and structural requirements developed accordingly during the restructuring of the finance industry in the TRNC.  Several of the most important applications implemented by us in that respect are the improvement of the Core Banking program, enhancement of the efficiency of the Internal Control System, increasing the effectiveness of our Asset Management service, our MT Programs and Limasol Banking Academy which aim to raise mangers of the future.

With these feelings and thoughts in mind I hereby thank our Board of Directors, distinguished shareholders and valued customers for supporting us in our efforts to carry our established background to a secure future, and with this opportunity congratulate my valued work colleagues who are the foundation for our success.

İlkin Yoğurtcuoğlu

General Manager and Board Member